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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Briefing Notes

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Briefing Note 26 - Will spending on state pensions remain level?

The government considers that analysis of long-term trends is essential: 'Without this type of analysis there is a risk that unsustainable policies might be pursued, which require sharp corrective...

02 NOV 2005

Briefing Note 25 - Public sector pension reform: what happened?

The Government and public sector unions agreed ‘framework principles’ for the reform of the biggest public sector pension schemes in October 2005. Commentary suggested that tax bills would rise as a...

01 NOV 2005

Briefing Note 24 - Will coverage of the Basic State Pension improve over time?

Many recent reform proposals have called for an improvement in the first tier of state pension provision. These have tackled three different ways to improve the Basic State Pension (BSP): improve the...

03 OCT 2005

Briefing Note 23 - Can work close the 'savings gap'?

Attention is often focused on the so-called ‘savings gap’: the extra that people need to ‘save’ so that future average retirement incomes are not relatively lower than the average today. However,...

01 AUG 2005

Briefing Note 22- Is £5 billion being taken every year from pension funds?

Almost immediately after Labour came to power in 1997, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced a package of tax reforms that are frequently described as a “£5 billion stealth tax” on pension funds. The...

02 JUN 2005

Briefing Note 21- KiwiSaver: Another lesson from New Zealand?

KiwiSaver is designed to get people into the habit of saving. New Zealand and the UK have different retirement income issues. New Zealand does not have the income inequality, means-testing or...

01 JUN 2005

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