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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Supporting the PPI gives you the power to inform and shape the cutting-edge of policy making. 

The PPI and You

Support the PPI and become part of the debate

With the rapid rate of change in pension policy making and millions more savers, impartial analysis, considering all affected stakeholders and providing a balanced view has never been so important. Your support will drive improved retirement solutions from both providers and government whilst building your brand credibility.

Our Independence sets us apart - we do not lobby for any particular cause or political party. We just focus on the facts. By becoming a Supporter of the PPI through one of the Supporter categories available you will be provided with:

• Access to bespoke networking and research launch events.
• First opportunity to sponsor specific research reports or commission your own (provided this meets with the PPI’s research procedures)
• Receive a discount for any research sponsored or commissioned.
• Our experts are available to help you define the research objective and scope.
• Access to our team of experts to deliver independent commentary at your in-house events/staff training days
• By supporting the PPI, you are aligning yourself with our vision to drive better informed policies and decisions that improve later life outcomes. Therefore, strengthening your commitment to better outcomes for all.

There are many reasons why organisations choose to support the PPI, each relationship is unique and we strive to ensure each of our Supporters maximise the relationship with the PPI. 

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