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Briefing Notes

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Briefing Note 20 - Should the state provide an earnings-related pension?

Many recent reform proposals have suggested strengthening the flat-rate ‘foundation pension’ and abolishing the State Second Pension. This would mean that the state no longer provides an...

02 MAY 2005

Briefing Note 19 - The gain from deferring state pensions

State pensions become payable at age 65 for men and 60 for women, but they can be deferred, with some restrictions. Briefing Note 4 looked at deferring state pensions. Since then, the Pensions Bill...

01 APR 2005

Briefing Note 18 - Pension reform: An update

Following Briefing Note 16, the Government has set out its principles for reform of the state pension system and is seeking consensus. The PPI has mapped the proposals made by 34 organisations. These...

01 MAR 2005

Briefing Note 17 - How big is the life expectancy gap by social class?

The government has ruled out raising state pension age (SPA), stating the disproportionate effect it could have on people in groups more likely to have lower life expectancies. It is often reported...

01 FEB 2005

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