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The Pensions Data Project


The Pensions Data Project is an exciting new pensions research initiative, managed independently on behalf of the entire UK pensions industry by a small group of master trusts and the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI). They share a common goal of wanting to contribute to a wider societal benefit where everyone has better provision and can achieve a positive outcome in retirement.

This crucial new facet, which does not currently exist anywhere else, is the ability to link across the various pension pots which individuals have with different providers, thus generating unprecedented levels of insight for both pension providers and Government.

Participants in The Pensions Data Project include:

The project will amalgamate data across multiple providers in order to get insight into people’s savings patterns. It will provide the industry with a central longitudinal research database of people’s total retirement savings.


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The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.