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Our Purpose

Pensions affect everyone.

But too few people understand them and what is needed for the provision of an adequate retirement income. The PPI wants to change that. We believe that better information and understanding will lead to a better policy framework and a better provision of retirement income for all.  The PPI aims to be an authoritative voice on policy on pensions and the provision of retirement income in the UK. 

The PPI has specific objectives to:

  • Provide relevant and accessible information on the extent and nature of retirement provision
  • Contribute fact-based analysis and commentary to the policy-making process
  • Extend and encourage research and debate on policy on pensions and retirement provision 
  • Be a helpful sounding board for providers, policy makers and opinion formers
  • Inform the public debate on policy on pensions and retirement provision.

We believe that the PPI is unique in the study of pensions and retirement provision, as it is:

  • Independent, with no political bias or vested interest
  • Led by experts focused on pensions and retirement provision
  • Considering the whole pension framework: state, private, and the interaction between them
  • Pursuing both academically rigorous analysis and practical policy commentary
  • Taking a long-term perspective on policy outcomes on pensions and retirement income
  • Encouraging dialogue and debate with multiple constituencies 

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PPI Operating Details

King's College
Virginia Woolf Building
1st Floor, 22 Kingsway
London, WC2B 6LE

Tel. 020 7848 3744

Mob. 07718 647 567 


The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.