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The UK Pensions Framework

in association with Aviva

The PPI UK Pensions Framework, sponsored by Aviva is an innovative multi-year project that tracks how the UK pension system is performing against a set of core objectives, which overall determine the financial security that people have in later life. 

Its aim is to become established as an essential practical tool for assessing and improving the UK pensions landscape, by constructing a clear, evidence-based picture of how strengths and vulnerabilities in the system relate to each other, and how they are evolving over time. The Framework also supports one of the Institute’s strategic objectives to ‘encourage the right framework for long-term pension planning’ and, along with its Pensions Policy Wheel visualisation tool, is fast gaining recognition across the pensions world.

The PPI published its inaugural UK Pensions Framework report in 2022, a ground-breaking study of how the UK pension system is supporting retirement outcomes among pensioners of today, and the implications of saving behaviours for pensioners of tomorrow. This report followed on from the successful launch of the UK Pensions Framework Design Series, in 2021, which described how and why the Framework was being developed. The 2023 report,  Renting in Retirement - The Fault Line Below the UK Pension System, uses the Framework to simulate how outcomes could change as fast-growing numbers of people look set to reach retirement without the security of owning their own home in the future. Please click here to download the 2023 report: Renting in Retirement - The Fault Line Below the UK Pension System

The Framework Indicators: The Framework comprises forty-one indicators, each of which relates to one of the three system objectives, Adequacy, Sustainability and Fairness. Each indicator contains a series of quantitative and qualitative metrics. We use this information to assign a score out of six to each indicator in order to classify the extent to which outcomes are providing support for their relevant system objective. Please click here to download the Pensions Framework Indicators.

A full list of all the reports published in the UK Pensions Framework series can be found below.

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