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Briefing Notes

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Briefing Note 16 - Pension Reform: Who is proposing what?

Pension reform looks inevitable in the UK. When the Government produced a Green Paper in 2002, despite their intended focus on private pensions, most major organisations said reform of the state...

11 JAN 2004

Briefing Note 15 - Can current pension policy be as good as the alternatives?

This Briefing Note examines some of the necessary conditions needed for the current pension policy to be as good as alternative policy reform options for the average new female and male pensioner....

01 OCT 2004

Briefing Note 14 - State spending on pensions: An update

Briefing Note 3 published in July 2003 outlined the projected future level of state spending on UK pension provision. New demographic projections and revised estimates of contributions to private...

01 SEP 2004

Briefing Note 13 - How long does a pension have to last?

In any pensions-related debate, the demographic number that usually gets most attention is the increasing support ratio: the number of people over state pension age whose pensions need to be ‘paid...

02 AUG 2004

Briefing Note 12 - Could contracting-out be abolished?

Everybody in work, aged below state pension age and earning above the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) is entitled to state second pensions, or S2P (formerly SERPS). However, individuals can ‘contract-out’...

02 JUL 2004

Briefing Note 11 - Is the pension credit also important for couples?

Previous studies have shown that people on low incomes are entitled to claim the Pension Credit (PC) as soon as they reach retirement age and also that the proportion of individuals entitled to claim...

01 JUL 2004

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