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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Speaking Opportunities

The PPI team members are all accomplished speakers on the circuit, appearing regularly at trade conferences, radio and TV.

Meet our team of speakers

Add a different aspect to any debate or discussion

Our experienced team of speakers can provide a unique perspective and balance at your event. Speaking from the PPI's INDEPENDENT stance we can provide the facts on topics within the pensions and retirement landscape. We will, where we can, also link discussions back to our research. Our work facilitates informed decision making by showing the likely outcomes of current policy and illuminating the trade-offs implicit in any new policy initiative. Our neutral and evidence-based position can enhance the discussions and debates at any event. 

If you are a Supporter of the PPI, one of your benefits of membership is the availability of the PPI team to speak at your events. However, as a registered charity we do request that non Supporters provide a charitable donation.

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