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An introduction to the UK Pensions system

The PPI’s Knowledge Sharing Seminars provide an excellent introduction to the world of pensions. Covering both the private and State Pension landscapes, these seminars will provide attendees with a solid knowledge of the landscape today, how we arrived here and future challenges faced. 

Delivered from the PPI’s INDEPENDENT perspective and in a relaxed and ‘non jargon’ way, the presenting team will cover the A-Z of the pension world from automatic enrolment – Zero Income Drawdowns and everything in between!

If you are new to the industry, looking to expand your knowledge on either private or State Pensions or just need a refresher on where we are today, then please do join us!

The seminars form an ideal part of new employees inductions and are often utilised by the Department for Work and Pensions for their new analysts from within the Private Pensions directorate as part of their induction and many other organisations too!

Price for attendance:

£225 (NO VAT)   PPI Members
£450 (NO VAT)   Non-Members of the PPI

Knowledge Sharing Seminars

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