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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Briefing Notes

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Briefing Note 35 - State pension simplification?

The Government response to the Pensions White Paper consultation exercise announced that 'the Government is considering introducing a much simpler flat-rate State Second Pension (S2P), to replace the...

01 NOV 2006

Briefing Note 34 - Pension reform: is there consensus?

The Government set out its plans for pension reform in its May 2006 White Paper Security in retirement. The PPI has taken stock of the level of consensus in the pensions policy community on the...

02 OCT 2006

Briefing Note 33 - How important are low charges in Personal Accounts?

The Government believes that it is critical that charges for personal accounts are maintained at as low a level as possible. A low charge is seen as necessary to allow auto-enrolled members to get as...

01 AUG 2006

Briefing Note 32 - The new 'contributory' test: principle or practicality?

The Government’s White Paper proposals contain a new contributory principle intended to solve the problems of gaps in coverage and to give women a fairer entitlement to the Basic State Pension. The...

03 JUL 2006

Briefing Note 31 - The impact of the White Paper state pension reforms

The state pension reforms in the recent White Paper are intended to make the State Pension fairer and more widely available and to provide a solid foundation on which people can save. To see the...

01 JUN 2006

Briefing Note 30 - The Pensions Commission’s proposals and Pension Credit

Around half of older people in the UK are eligible for the means-tested Pension Credit (PC). PC is widely seen as problematic, so the number of people eligible for it will be a critical measure of...

01 MAY 2006

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