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Briefing Notes

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  • Briefing Note 61 - The implications of ending the effective requirement to annuitise by age 75

    Until recently, people with Defined Contribution (DC) pension savings were effectively required by Government regulations to purchase an annuity with their pension fund by the time they reached age...

    14 DEC 2011
  • Briefing Note 60 - What are the implications of the Government’s latest legislation increasing State Pension Age?

    The State Pension Age (SPA) is the age at which people are first eligible to claim a state pension. The Coalition Government has recently passed legislation to raise the SPA more quickly than was...

    22 NOV 2011
  • Briefing Note 59 - What could be the implications of the Government's proposed state pension reforms?

    The Coalition Government has launched a Green Paper to consult on possible reforms to state pensions that could significantly change the structure of the current pension system. The Government has...

    04 MAY 2011
  • Briefing Note 58 - How can we measure adequacy in the context of public sector pensions?

    In June 2010 the Coalition Government appointed John Hutton to chair an Independent Public Service Pensions Commission (IPSPC) to conduct a fundamental structural review of public service pension...

    10 MAR 2011
  • Briefing Note 57 - How could CPI indexation affect pension income?

    For many years the most commonly used measure of UK price inflation has been the Retail Prices Index (RPI), which measures the rise in the cost of a predetermined basket of goods, which includes...

    25 JAN 2011

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