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Briefing Notes

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Luheshi, PPI Deputy Director on 020 7848 3744 or email if you have any ideas and suggestions or wish to discuss any of the work we undertake.


  • Briefing Note 103 - How prepared are people for retirement

    This Briefing Note explores people's changing thoughts about pensions and their retirement over time. The aim of the analysis is to understand how their thoughts have changed over the years between...

    27 NOV 2017
  • Briefing Note 102 - What is the impact of not shopping around for annuities?

    The UK annuity market is undergoing a transition as a result of the removal in 2015 of the effective requirement for those with Defined Contribution (DC) savings to purchase an annuity, “Freedom and...

    12 JUL 2017
  • Briefing Note 101 - Using accessible pension savings to provide a financial safety net

    This Briefing Note considers the impact on pension income of a debt prevention measure suggested by StepChange Debt Charity. The proposal, which would be integrated into the pension system, involves...

    11 JUL 2017
  • Briefing Note 100 - 100th Briefing Note

    As the Pensions Policy Institute reaches its landmark 100th Briefing Note, it is worth reflecting on how much change there has been since its inception in 2001. This Briefing Note details the main...

    10 JUL 2017
  • Briefing Note 99 - PhD Series 2: The impact of automatic enrolment in Italy, New Zealand and the USA

    The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) funds and supports a number of PhD students researching into areas of distinct policy relevance to pensions in the UK. The PhD Briefing Note Series has been set up...

    04 JUL 2017
  • Briefing Note 98 - PPI Election Briefing 2017: Pensions

    With age now becoming a key predictor of voting intention in British politics and the well documented power of older voters, with 78% of people over age 65 voting compared to only 43% of 18- 24 year...

    05 JUN 2017

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