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Briefing Notes

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Luheshi, PPI Deputy Director on 020 7848 3744 or email if you have any ideas and suggestions or wish to discuss any of the work we undertake.


  • Briefing Note 48 - What should qualify as earnings for auto-enrolment?

    There has been much discussion as to the appropriate definition of earnings that should be used as the basis of auto-enrolment into work-place pens ion schemes in the 2008 Pensions Bill. While the...

    19 NOV 2008
  • Briefing Note 47 - Extending the right to buy back National Insurance Contributions

    State Pension (BSP) will be reduced from 39 years for women and 44 years for men to a total of 30 years for both. This sudden drop off in qualifying years, known as the ‘cliffedge’, has been...

    01 OCT 2008
  • Briefing Note 46 - How much will pensions and long-term care cost in the future?

    For countries with ageing populations, the costs of pensions and long-term care are likely to increase. In the UK, the Pensions Act 2007 together with the Pensions Bill 2007/8 (currently making its...

    02 APR 2008
  • Briefing Note 45 - Choosing a charging structure for personal accounts

    The personal accounts delivery authority (PADA) is consulting on the most appropriate charging structure for personal accounts when they are introduced in 2012. The consultation paper sets out...

    01 APR 2008
  • Briefing Note 44 - Incentives to save in a pension: a review of the PPI's research

    The Government has announced that it will undertake a work programme to establish a shared understanding of the evidence on financial incentives to save for retirement following the introduction of...

    01 MAR 2008
  • Briefing Note 43 - Maintaining consensus: the long-term goals for the UK pensions system and options for ongoing policy review

    While there has been much debate in recent years about the details of different pensions policy proposals, there has been less debate about the long-term goals for the UK pensions system beyond...

    01 JAN 2008

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