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Briefing Notes

Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Luheshi, PPI Deputy Director on 020 7848 3744 or email if you have any ideas and suggestions or wish to discuss any of the work we undertake.


  • Briefing Note 65 - Defined Ambition in Workplace Pension Schemes

    Over the last 40 years workplace pension provision in the UK has been changing from being predominantly based on Defined Benefit (DB) schemes, where the risks of pension provision are borne by the...

    22 DEC 2013
  • Briefing Note 64 - How do charges affect DC pension outcomes

    Following the introduction of automatic enrolment, the majority of employees are expected to be saving into a Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme. This is because over 80% of Defined Benefit...

    29 NOV 2013
  • Briefing Note 63 - The impact of the NEST contribution limits and restrictions to transfers

    There is currently an annual limit on contributions to the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and transfers into or out of NEST before retirement are very limited. The Government has recently...

    15 FEB 2013

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