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The PPI undertakes sponsored research provided that the research is within the PPI’s charitable objective, the PPI has the capability and the capacity to undertake the research and the research sponsor or sponsors are happy for the final research to be published.

You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately. 



  • The implications of the Coalition Government’s reforms for members of the public service pension schemes

    This report and briefing paper sets out the PPI’s independent assessment of the potential impact of the Coalition Government’s proposed reforms to the public service pension schemes on the value of...

    23 OCT 2012
  • The changing landscape of pension schemes in the private sector in the UK

    Private sector pension provision in the UK has been changing over the last forty years. Defined Benefit pension schemes have been in decline since the late 1960s. By contrast, Defined Contribution...

    27 JUN 2012
  • Retirement income and assets: the implications for retirement income of Government policies to extend working lives

    The sixth report in the PPI's Retirement Income and Assets series considers the implications for retirement income of Government policies to extend working lives. The PPI would like to thank the...

    25 APR 2012
  • Closing the gap: the choices and factors that can affect private pension income in retirement

    The NAPF commissioned the PPI to illustrate the impact that a number of choices and factors can have on the level of private pension income in retirement. When saving for retirement in a Defined...

    09 FEB 2012

The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.