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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective


The PPI undertakes sponsored research provided that the research is within the PPI’s charitable objective, the PPI has the capability and the capacity to undertake the research and the research sponsor or sponsors are happy for the final research to be published.

You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately. 

Automatic Enrolment Report 1: What level of pension contribution is needed to obtain an adequate retirement income?

This is the first report in a series of research reports that investigate the potential impact of auto-enrolment into private pensions on individuals and their levels of pension saving but also on...

22 OCT 2013

Tax Relief for Pension Saving in the UK

Tax relief is seen as a means to encourage pension saving, which offers a level of incentive that compares favourably with other types of savings. However, there are concerns that this tax relief is...

15 JUL 2013

The implications of the Coalition Government's public service pension reforms

This report and briefing paper set out the PPI's independent assessment of the impact of the Coalition Government's proposed reforms to public service pension schemes. The analysis covers the four...

17 MAY 2013

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