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Articles written by the PPI Team

Brexit: What does it mean for private pensions? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. This is a question the PPI have often been asked, but have so far not had the available evidence to answer. It is very difficult to say what Brexit means for anything, until we are a lot clearer about what Brexit actually means. To read the full article please visit the ...

Solving the lost pensions problem   The recent PPI Lost Pensions Survey suggested that around 6% of uncrystallised pots are held by customers considered ‘lost’, with potentially as much as £20billion held within them. To read the full article please visit the Money Marketing Website. ...

A welcome review of pensions tax relief   The recent announcement in a House of Lords debate that the government will “examine the process for payment of pensions tax relief for individuals” has once again ignited interest in the issue of tax relief for pension saving, although it is fair to say that it has never gone too far away. To read the full article ...

State pension knowledge too low for informed decisions   A lot of recent work in the pensions world has been directed to helping individuals engage with pension saving, to better understand what pension saving they have, how much they might need in retirement and how much they might need to save to reach these target levels.   To read the full article please visit the Money ...

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