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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Anna Brain


Anna is a Research Associate and lead PPI researcher for the UK Pensions Framework project. The UK Pensions Framework is a long-term analytical instrument which seeks to build a clear picture of how strengths and weaknesses in the UK pension system are evolving over time.

She has worked with the PPI since 2019, and has undertaken analysis on a range of topics, intergenerational trends in long-term saving; pension systems and their sustainability; structural and social determinants of health, wealth and digital inequalities; interactions between pensions, health and social care policy; and evolving transitions in later life. She aims to contribute to independent and evidence-based research which can make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Prior to joining the PPI, Anna worked closely with asset, investment and pension fund managers for nearly ten years at EY and Bloomberg before pursuing her passion for policy research and thought leadership. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Ageing with distinction from King’s College London, which focused on economic, health, social and policy concerns in the management of population ageing, demographic change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anna is fluent in Japanese and loves to run. She is compassionate and compelled to help others.

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