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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

The Pensions Policy Institute 

A company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

Structure and organisation

The PPI is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. To view a copy of the PPI's latest Annual Report and Accounts please click here.

Registered Charity number: 1087856
Company registration number: 414 5584
Registered office: Virginia Woolf Building, 22 Kingsway, London, England WC2B 6LE
Operating office address: Kings College London, Virginia Woolf Building, 22 Kingsway, 1st Floor, London WC2B 6LE

The Memorandum and Articles of Association set out the PPI's structure. The aim of the structure is to ensure the PPI's independence and effectiveness and protect its integrity. To view a copy please click here.

The PPI's Governors - the voting members of the company - are responsible for preserving its independence and impartiality and ensuring that no interest group is able to exert undue influence on its work. There are over 100 Governors, who have been appointed on individual merit. For a full list of PPI Governors please click here.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the business of the PPI. There are currently 12 Trustees. For a full list of The PPI Board of Trustees please click here.

The PPI team is led by Chris Curry, appointed as Director in June 2013. Click here for details of the PPI's team.   

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