Automatic enrolment in the gig economy: modelling for Zurich

In the UK there are nearly five million self-employed people, from highly-paid management consultants to delivery drivers; an increase of 50% since the turn of the millennium. In addition, there are around 900,000 workers on zero hours contracts and 800,000 agency workers; groups which have grown markedly in recent years and which are variously described as the gig economy, precarious workers or ubiquitously as among the “self-employed”.

This technical report summarises the modelling results that were commissioned by Zurich in order to feed into their work to consider the retirement income of illustrative constructed individuals based on quantitative analysis of a survey of gig economy workers. 


Chapter one describes the policy scenarios which were modelled.  

Chapter two sets out the results of the modelling performed on four illustrative individuals from the gig economy.