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Responses And Submissions

PPI consultation response to Retirement Outcomes Review: Investment pathways and other proposed changes to our rules and guidance

PPI Submitted a response to the BBC’s consultation on age related TV licence concessions in February 2019. 

It considers the BBC criteria of:

  • Fairness:  How fairness can mean different things to different people, and there are many, often conflicting, measures by which fairness can be judged. How the older pensioner population has evolved since the original policy for the over 75s was introduced.
  • Financial impact: The finances of older individuals has changed since the introduction of the concession. The benefits system, including the State Pension, has been reformed and the pension landscape has changed. However individuals within this group are unlikely to have any new alternative sources of income and will continue to face the same financial challenges.
  • Feasibility: How the review considers options around reforming the current system such as means testing and targeting of the concession to eligible groups. There would need to be a feasible approach to any concession designed to reach a target group which is effective and represents value for money...

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