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Living the future life - The implications of a longer life

This report is the first in a series of publications. It focuses on four different areas of life, how they relate to wellbeing, and how the future might be different to traditional trajectories going forward.

The Work and Skills section includes a discussion of developments in technology, sectoral changes and employability, extending working lives and self-employment in later life. 

The Health and Social Care section covers family support and gaps in provision of care, move towards flexibility, choice, and personalisation, and multi-stakeholder approaches to financial advice and guidance around the costs of health and social care. 

The Family and Social networks discussion covers generating and maintaining personal and professional connections in the context of disruption to the operation of community and support networks, reconstituted families, social media and digital inclusion, and the growing population of people ageing without children. 

The Housing section includes a discussion of affordability, incorporating knowledge on the way people use their homes to connect with others to inform their design, ways people draw on housing to fund retirement and the integration of health and social care with housing policy. 

This project has been sponsored by a consortium of funders (LV=, The People's Pension, and SSGA) to explore what pensions and retirement might look like in the future in terms of wellbeing and wider social, economic and demographic trends and projections. This research links pensions, retirement and long-term saving to wider aspects of social life including health, economic and social wellbeing, and general socioeconomic, cultural and economic conditions. 



Event Write Up

Event Write Up
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