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The PPI is an INDEPENDENT educational, not-for profit research institute. We undertake rigorous research from a neutral, long-term perspective

Reports and Briefing Notes

Adequacy in retirement: A segmentation of savers in the wealth and assets survey

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) sponsored the PPI to segment working age savers in Great Britain. This analysis was used within a wider PLSA project designed to assess the adequacy of the long-term savings of individuals through projecting representative individuals' outcomes. These individuals are derived from characteristics of the population of working age savers.

This modelling report details the segmentation of the saving population to allow the projection of these individuals to retirement so that the adequacy of their savings can be assessed. The population is taken from the Wealth and Assets Survey (WAS) Wave 4 dataset which covers survey data from interviews from 2012 to 2014.

Chapter one considers the criteria used to segment the saving population in a manner appropriate to enable modelling the projected outcome.

Chapter two explores he current pension saving of the segmented population. It represents the segmented data from the Wealth and Assets Survey (WAS) dataset and not projected results.

Chapter three considers the other forms of wealth individuals have in the segments and other forms of wealth they may expect to draw upon. This does not feed into the Hymans Robertson’s Guided Outcomes® methodology, however it may contribute towards adequacy in retirement.

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