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Reports and Briefing Notes

Additional case studies for Scottish Widows

The Government published proposals for reform of the state pension system in May 2006.

Scottish Widows sponsored the Pensions Policy Institute to produce a series of case studies illustrating the potential outcomes of the reforms on different illustrative individuals. A previous set of PPI case studies for Scottish Widows illustrated the potential outcomes for people with median earnings and relatively full contribution histories. This second set of case studies concentrates on two groups identified by the recent Scottish Widows Pensions Report as having low pension provision: women and the self-employed, and particularly low-earning individuals in these groups.

For each case study, the amount of income from state pensions, Personal Accounts and Pension Credit is calculated assuming that the proposals outlined in the White Paper are introduced in full. Calculations are made at state pension age, and also ten years after state pension age to illustrate how the amount of income received varies through retirement.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary
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