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PPI Roundtable

Dinsdale Young Room, Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, London, SW1H 9NH

21 NOV 2023

This Roundtable will explore the risks facing future retirees, as well as the potential solutions from policy, industry and individuals, including the possible shift towards a multi-stage life and the challenges of doing so.

We all know the traditional concept of retirement within a three-stage life spanning education, work and then retirement. We’ve all seen the picture of an older couple walking along a beach dressed in white linen. This conception reflects the later life experience of many people’s parents and grandparents, but it is not a reality for everyone, with many future retirees at risk of experiencing poor later life outcomes.
The landscape of retirement is changing, with shifts in demographics and pension provision, both state and private. We are living longer on average, with more of us likely to reach very old ages. But challenges around extended working lives persist. As a result, it is becoming more expensive to deliver retirement outcomes that are both adequate and sustainable. There are concerns about the sustainability of State Pensions, as well as the inadequacy of current private pension contributions. The current cost-of-living crisis is shining a particular spotlight on these challenges, with many accessing private pension savings earlier than anticipated, but this is an issue that, without change, is likely to grow as future generations live longer lives.

We hope you can join us.

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