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PPI Roundtable

22 MAR 2023

On Wednesday 22 March 2023, The Pensions Policy Institute held a Roundtable to launch research on 'How could increased economic inactivity affect financial resilience among older people?'.

The research is funded by Age UK as part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the PPI and Age UK. The roundtable considered current available data and PPI modelling to explore these trends in order to further understand why more adults are becoming economically inactive, what the financial impact of this might be for individuals in the run up to State Pension age (SPa) and beyond, and what are the implications for public policy.

Sarah Luheshi (PPI) chaired the event, Daniela Silcock (PPI) presented the key research findings and Chris Brooks (Age UK) provided a Sponsor's response to the research.

Click here to download the event write up. 

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