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PPI Roundtable

Held online

02 DEC 2020

In 2018, The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) published ‘ESG: past, present and future’, a report that explored the definition of ESG, its interpretation by those involved in making decisions about investment strategy, as well as the drivers of and barriers to greater engagement with ESG factors.

The report found there to be a lack of consensus regarding how to define and implement ESG considerations, as well as barriers related to the resources available to smaller schemes. However, the report also highlighted that awareness and understanding of ESG was growing, as was the availability of off the shelf products that can make ESG investment more accessible to smaller schemes.

Two years on, awareness and understanding has continued to grow, particularly driven by the increased regulations that have come into force since then. However, there is still some way to go before all schemes are engaging with ESG risk-factors in a meaningful way in order to ensure that their members are adequately protected against long-term risks.

Following on from PPI’s previous work on ESG, this series explores the approaches available to schemes and the opportunities and barriers they may face in choosing and implementing an approach, with the aim of identifying areas where there may be a role for increased support from government and industry to enable greater engagement with ESG considerations.

The first publication in the series, ‘Engaging with ESG: The story so far’, sets out the key regulatory and industry developments that have led to the current landscape of ESG investment among UK pension schemes. This Briefing Note establishes the background upon which the two subsequent reports in this series will build a deeper analysis of the current UK ESG landscape to identify where support and intervention may be most beneficial. During the roundtable, the Briefing Note was launched to discuss the main findings. 

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