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Research Grants

The PPI makes applications to Charitable Trusts and Foundations who award Research Grants for research in the PPI’s areas of interest. The PPI has received significant support in the past from the Nuffield Foundation and is currently a holder of a Research Council Grant.

Recent examples of research grants awarded to the PPI include:

  • Funding from the Nuffield Foundation to develop a suite of economic models to evaluate alternative pension policy frameworks in the UK;
  • Funding from the Research Councils, including the ESRC (jointly with the LSE, University of East Anglia and others) to conduct a study of modelling ageing populations to 2030 and beyond;
  • Funding from the Nuffield Foundation for a seminar series to establish the way that pensions experts would reform the state pension system in the UK.

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The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.