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PPI Associate Membership

As an educational charity the PPI maintains its independent and objective status by receiving funding from a diverse range of Supporting Members. The Associate Member category is typically suited to smaller DB/DC schemes, LGA’s, Independent Governance Committees and smaller organisations that have an interest in pensions policy.

Associate Members of the PPI are able to participate in the debate across a broad spectrum of pension topics. In many instances, issues which are of direct relevance to their organisation.

How to join

To become an Associate Member please download an associate member application form. All payments made as a PPI Associate Member are charitable donations. The information below provides details of the benefits.

Membership Benefits:

Corporate social responsibility recognition by accreditation on the PPI website and its newsletters.
Discussion event: the PPI will hold one dedicated research discussion event per year specifically for Associate Members.
Quarterly PPI Newsletter
PPI launch events: one invitation to a PPI research launch event per year.
Networking opportunities with a wide cross-section of the industry through attending events.
PPI AGM: one invitation to the PPI Annual General Meeting.
This category of membership will be limited to 50 members in total.

The initial fee for membership is at a discounted rate of at least £600.00 for a limited period of time.

For a full list of current members of the scheme please click here or if you would seek further information please contact Danielle Baker, Fundraising and Membership Manager on 020 7848 3744 or 07714 250 910 or

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The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.