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The PPI undertakes sponsored research provided that the research is within the PPI’s charitable objective, the PPI has the capability and the capacity to undertake the research and the research sponsor or sponsors are happy for the final research to be published.

You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately. 



  • PPI analysis of Aviva (formerly Friends Life) proposals for a single rate of pensions tax relief

    In November 2014 Aviva (formerly Friends Life) approached the PPI to ask it to review and validate its public policy proposal for the reform of pension tax relief. The PPI commenced this work at the...

    03 OCT 2015
  • PPI analysis of TISA proposals for pensions tax relief

    TISA approached the PPI to assist them in calculating the impact on the cost to the Treasury of a new proposal for the UK tax relief system. The proposal consisted of the following: 33% tax relief...

    02 OCT 2015
  • Transitions to Retirement: Myths and rules of thumb in retirement income

    ‘Myths and rules of thumb in retirement income’ is the second stage of a two stage major research report, sponsored by State Street Global Advisors, and part of the PPI’s Transitions to Retirement...

    21 SEP 2015
  • Transitions to Retirement: Supporting DC members with defaults and choices up to, into, and through retirement

    This report builds on the findings of the first report in the series which found particular challenges with levels of financial engagement and numeracy amongst those expected to be the most reliant...

    15 JAN 2015
  • Transitions to Retirement: How might the UK pensions landscape evolve to support more flexible retirements?

    How might the UK pensions landscape evolve to support more flexible retirements?, is part of the PPI’s Transitions to Retirement series exploring how people access pension savings. This report was...

    23 APR 2015

The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.