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The PPI undertakes sponsored research provided that the research is within the PPI’s charitable objective, the PPI has the capability and the capacity to undertake the research and the research sponsor or sponsors are happy for the final research to be published.

You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately. 



  • Lessons from New Zealand's Retirement Commission for UK policy on financial awareness and advice

    The Resolution Foundation commissioned the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) in early 2006 to investigate how the Retirement Commission encourages greater financial awareness and provides financial...

    01 JUN 2006
  • Transition Trade-offs: Options for state pension reform

    This paper analyses in detail 8 alternative state pension reform options that make different trade-offs to those made by the Pensions Commission, and evaluates them against the Government's 5 tests...

    01 MAY 2006
  • NPSS policy and design choices

    This paper explores the lessons for UK's proposed National Pensions Savings Scheme from the only other planned national auto-enrolment scheme: KiwiSaver in New Zealand. To download a copy, please...

    02 APR 2006
  • PPI modelling of EOC proposals

    The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has been developing proposals for reform of state pensions policy and commissioned the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) to provide an independent assessment of...

    01 APR 2006
  • Shaping a stable pensions solution

    There is now consensus on the UK's pensions problem and that reform of the state pension system is needed.  The pensions community wants a simple and sustainable solution. Shaping a stable pensions...

    01 MAR 2006
  • PPI Initial Response to the Pensions Commission Second Report

    To download a brief initial analysis of the Pensions Commission's Second Report, please click here....

    01 FEB 2006

The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.