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The PPI undertakes sponsored research provided that the research is within the PPI’s charitable objective, the PPI has the capability and the capacity to undertake the research and the research sponsor or sponsors are happy for the final research to be published.

You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately. 



  • PPI Pensions Election Briefing

    A factual assessment of the implications of the pension proposals of the three main parties. To download the briefing, please click here....

    03 APR 2005
  • PPI Assessment of Norwich Union Proposals (03/2005)

    The estimated cost implications of Norwich Union proposals for state pension reform. To download the briefing, please click here....

    02 APR 2005
  • Occupational pension provision in the public sector

    To download 'Occupational pension provision in the public sector', please click here. For information on the press release, please click here....

    01 MAR 2005

The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.