The Under-pensioned 2016

The Under-pensioned 2016 is a report that explores differences in pension income over the last two decades and how these differences may change in the future.

Previous PPI research concluded that women, disabled people and people from ethnic minority groups are more likely to have the characteristics associated with lower pension incomes. The 2016 report revisits the earlier work and explores how state and private pension incomes have changed for people from these groups as well as for carers and the self-employed. The report measures whether, and by how much, differences in pension income have reduced and how they might evolve in future, in the light of recent policy developments.

The report was sponsored by Age UK, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The People’s Pension and The Trades Union Congress.

Chapter one introduces the under-pensioned, runs through the high-level results and methodology from the 2008 under-pensioned report, and looks at relevant policy developments since its publication.

Chapter two explores the labour market characteristics of people who belong to different groups.

Chapter three explores differences in pension savings, entitlement and income, and explores differences in eligibility for means-tested benefits, between people from the under-pensioned groups and the median earning male.

Chapter four explores the future pension incomes of the under-pensioned and how policy levers might affect differences in pension income.


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Executive Summary