In its Personal Accounts White Paper, Personal Accounts: a new way to save, the Government proposed a three stage model for setting up and eventually delivering Personal Accounts.

  1. Setting up an advisory Delivery Authority to advise on the operational and commercial impact of options and to advise on the design of the commercial and procurement strategies. 
  2. Extending the remit of the Delivery Authority to take on executive powers to negotiate contracts and construct the Personal Accounts scheme. 
  3. Transition to a Personal Accounts Board to run the scheme from launch.

This paper presents findings from qualitative resesarch exploring options and stakeholder views about the roles, objectives, structure and accountability of the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority and the Personal Accounts Board.This research is co-funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), IMA, NAPF and Which?


Chapter one of this paper discusses the scheme’s objectives and stakeholders’ responses to them, along with their responses to the Government’s proposed three-stage model for delivering Personal Accounts.

Chapters two consider the roles and objectives of the Personal Accounts Board

Chapter three considers the roles and objectives of the Delivery Authority respectively.

Chapter four explores some transitional issues to be considered as the Delivery Authority hands over its functions. 

Chapter five discusses key risks to Personal Accounts and the roles of the Delivery Authority and Board in mitigating those risks.


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