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State Pensions: Pension Credit

Table 11: Take-up of households receiving different types of Pension Credit, 2017/18[1]

Type of benefit

Eligible households (thousands[2])

Actual households (thousands[3])

Implied take-up

Guarantee Credit

1,990 – 2,130[4]


66% - 70%

Savings Credit only

640 – 750


39% – 45%

All Pension Credit

2,660 – 2,840


60% – 64%


[1] DWP (2018) Income-Related benefits: estimates of take-up in 2017/18. Estimates of the number of entitled non-recipients have been annualised.  Estimates of the number of households receiving Pension Credit will differ from those in Table 10 as they use a different data source and refer to a different time period.

[2] Figures rounded to the nearest 10,000

[3] The numbers of actual households differs from the numbers actually claiming in Table 10 because they use a different source for consistency with the numbers of households eligible

[4] A range exists to take into account the uncertainties of the estimates


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