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The PPI gives you the power to influence the cutting-edge of policy making. Each research report combines experience with independence to deliver a robust and informative output, ultimately improving the retirement outcome for millions’ of savers.

We lead the debate and contribute fact-based analysis and commentary to the policymaking process. Our reports are well respected by government and organisations alike, and frequently used to inform policy changes.

We’ve been at the forefront of shaping evidence-based pensions policy for 20 years – our analysis directly influences decision making.

Our Independence sets us apart – we do not lobby for any particular cause or political party. We just focus on the facts.

Please contact Sarah Luheshi, PPI Deputy Director at if you have any ideas and suggestions or wish to discuss any of the work we undertake.


Briefing Notes 

We produce PPI Briefing Notes on topical policy issues – please click here to see our more recent Briefing Notes. 

Consultation Responses

We respond to major Government consultations, Select Committees or other Parliamentary Inquiries on policy on pensions and retirement provision. Please click here to see our more recent submissions. 

The Pensions Primer: a guide to the UK pensions system

This guide gives a detailed description of the current UK pensions system. The guide is intended for people wanting to learn about the UK pensions policy framework.

We produce an updated guide each year in June reflecting policy changes and benefit uprating announcements. The Primer reflects the current position of, and legislated future changes to, the UK pension system. The Pensions Primer can be viewed here.

Pensions Facts

We maintain a compendium of key facts and statistics on pensions and retirement provision in the UK. The aim is to collate into a single place a range of different statistics on demographic change, key state pension and private pension indicators. Key tables will be updated as new data becomes available. Pensions Facts can be viewed here.

Pensions Modelling and Development

The PPI has constructed a suite of micro-simulation models to analyse long-term outcomes from the current UK pensions system and possible reforms. Each year the PPI conducts a model update exercise in which the latest data are incorporated and the long-term assumptions are reviewed. 

DWP Social and Economic Research Framework

The PPI is on the DWP’s Social and Economic Research Framework under the policy areas of Pensions and Ageing. The PPI welcomes contact with regards to collaborative work in these research areas.

Sponsored research can take different forms, and we are always looking for input from our members to feed into our research agenda. If you would like to discuss our current agenda or potential ideas for research please contact Sarah Luheshi, Deputy Director,

Sponsorship is given to help fund the research, and does not necessarily imply agreement with, or support for, the analysis or findings from the project.


Our current 2019 research agenda

Project Name Sponsoring Organisation 
Increased AE saving Which?
Impact of different tax relief systems NOW:Pensions
Illiquid investments BlackRock
Care funding Association of British Insurers 
Charging structures Smart Pension 
Secured finance AXA IM

We are currently considering long term projects to apply for grant funding. If you would like to partner with us we would like to hear from you.

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The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.