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You are welcome to use the Pensions Policy Institute's research but please reference any material appropriately.We are always interested in ideas and suggestions for topics for future research and Briefing Notes. Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Luheshi, PPI Deputy Director on 020 7848 3744 or email if you have any ideas and suggestions or wish to discuss any of the work we undertake.


  • The under-pensioned: disabled people and people from ethnic minorities

    Research by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) in 2003 investigated the future pension incomes of women, disabled and ethnic minority people. It constructed hypothetical case studies who have the...

    01 DEC 2008
  • Would allowing early access to pension savings increase retirement incomes?

    Some stakeholders have argued that allowing early access to pension saving, for example, for a first-home or in circumstances of financial hardship, could encourage more people to save in a pension....

    01 NOV 2008
  • An assessment of the Government's reforms to public sector pensions

    The public sector employers and unions have been discussing reform proposals to all major public sector pension schemes since 2002. The implementation of the final set of reforms has once again...

    16 OCT 2008
  • Maintaining consensus: long-term goals for the UK pensions system and options for ongoing policy review

    While there has been much debate in recent years about the details of different pensions policy proposals and the unavoidable trade-offs that must be made, there has been less debate about the...

    07 JAN 2008

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