May 2015, will see the next UK general election. The current Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government effected many changes to pensions policy including laying the provisions for a New State Pension, linking state pension inflationary increases to the greater of earnings, prices or 2.5% and removing the requirement to purchase a secure retirement income product in order to access DC pension savings.

This Briefing Note highlights the pensions policy positions of the main political parties, in order to give some indication of how different parties might affect the future direction of pensions policy. It is envisaged that this Briefing Note will be used as a reference; topics are listed alphabetically so that people can search for the topic they are interested in.

This Note covers the following topics:

  • Additional Pensioner Benefits
  • Guidance and Advice
  • Overseas Pensioners
  • Pensions Tax Relief
  • Same-sex marriage and civil partnership
  • Scheme governance and misselling
  • State Pension Age Rises
  • State Pension Indexation
  • State Pension Reform
  • Veterans and War Widows

Please note that the PPI does not endorse any of the policy options detailed in this Briefing Note. The note also does not make assessments of affordability where none were readily available. The costs of any given policy are dependent on changes in other policy areas, which have not been explored in this note.

To download Briefing Note 74, please click here.