In June 2010 the Coalition Government appointed John Hutton to chair an Independent Public Service Pensions Commission (IPSPC) to conduct a fundamental structural review of public service pension provision. The Commission posed a number of specific questions in relation to the adequacy of public service pension provision, including:


  • how to measure adequate levels of resources in retirement?;
  • what should be considered an adequate level of resources in retirement?;
  • should a full state pension and a full public service pension ensure that people have adequate resources in retirement or should room be left for individuals to make their own arrangements?;
  • how should this change where people work part careers?


In 2011, the Pensions Policy Institute organised a seminar for the IPSPC to discuss these questions with a range of organisations with an interest in pensions policy. This Briefing Note reports on the main aspects discussed in this seminar, which was hosted by the Nuffield Foundation.


To download Briefing Note 58, please click here.