The UK will hold a general election on May 6th 2010 and the outcome of that election will have an impact on pensions policy.

This Briefing Note outlines the pensions policy positions of Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and discusses how pensions may be affected by each party if they win the election. It finds that there is cross-party support for many of the state and private pension reforms, however the outcome of the election is likely to have some major ramifications for pensions policy. 

The issues discussed include:


  • State Pension
  • State Pension age
  • Automatic enrolment
  • NEST
  • Early access to private pension
  • Accessing private pension income in retirement
  • Deregulation
  • Tax relief
  • Attitudes to DB, hybrid and risk-sharing schemes
  • Public sector pensions
  • Default retirement age 
  • Long-term care
  • Advice


To download Briefing Note 55, please click here.