The Pensions Bill being scrutinised in Parliament aims to put in place a state pension system that is fit for the 21st century. Previous PPI research brought together over 80 pensions experts from over 40 organisations to build up a picture of the possible shape of a consensus pensions solution that could work for the long term.

The research found that there are four widely-accepted problems with the current pensions system:

  1. It generates unequal outcomes
  2. It is highly complex
  3. It is unsustainable
  4. It places too high expectations on private savings

This Briefing Note examines how well the Bill, if introduced as proposed, would alleviate these four problems. It finds that if enacted, the Bill would alleviate many of the problems with the current state pensions system, although none will be solved completely.


To download Briefing Note 36, please click here.