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PPI Press Release: What is the impact on member outcomes of different non-capped charging structures?


The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) is today publishing a Press Release on 'What is the impact on member outcomes of different non-capped charging structures?' authored by Tim Pike, PPI Head of Modelling. This report, to be published on Wednesday 24th September 2021, sets out the proportion of pension scheme membership subject to capped charges and the scale of uncapped charges in the market; differentiates between the features available within non-capped arrangements and capped arrangements; analyses the at-retirement impact on members; and considers how the market may evolve as a result of charge cap development.

This report is kindly sponsored by B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension, Gold Supporters of the PPI. Sponsorship has been given to help fund the research, and does not necessarily imply agreement with, or support for, the analysis or findings from the project.


To download the full Press Release please click here.

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