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The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) is today publishing Care in later life: incentives to use assets to pay for care sponsored by The Association of British Insurers (ABI).  To download the full press release please click here. ...

On 15 May, the rules governing how some people qualify for Pension Credit changed. Before this date, people in couples, where one person is above state pension age (SPA) and the other person below, would both qualify for Pension Credit when the older person reached SPA.  To read the full article please click here to visit the Pensions Age Website.  To read the full Briefing N ...

The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) announced today that its Director, Chris Curry, is to reduce his time commitment to three days a week, in order to take-up the role as Principal of the Pensions Dashboard Industry Delivery Group with the Money and Pensions Service, starting on 8th July 2019.

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