PPI Annual House of Lords Presidential Dinner

On Wednesday 16th January the PPI held its annual Presidential Dinner for our Platinum and Gold supporting members in the historic Attlee Room at the House of Lords.

Despite the evening being a very busy time within the Palace of Westminster the dinner was attended by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, Guy Opperman MP, directly after the no confidence vote in the House of Commons (for which our thanks and appreciation go to the very busy Minister!).

Over dinner our guests enjoyed in-depth conversation with the Minister, Laura Webster, DWP (Chief Economist and Lead Analyst for Pensions and Later Life Analysis) and the Senior PPI Management Team, Chris Curry and Sarah Luheshi, on the current issues facing the pensions industry and in particular the challenges the year ahead may hold.

The dinner was hosted by the PPI’s President, The Baroness Sally Greengross of Notting Hill OBE and Lawrence Churchill CBE, PPI Chairman.

The discussions during the evening will feed in to the PPI's research agenda for the coming 12 months.