Transitions to Retirement Series: Supporting DC members with defaults and choices up to, into, and through retirement

This report is the first stage in a two stage research project, which is itself the third phase of the PPI Transitions to Retirement research series exploring how people access pension savings. This report draws heavily on insights from fresh qualitative research conducted by Ignition House. The purpose of this research is to explore preferences for how those approaching retirement might want to draw an income, the trade-offs they are willing to make in retirement, and the potential to develop defaults and strategies that could support them.

The seminar was attended by around 90 people representing a broad range of interests within Government, the investment industry, the pensions industry and the third sector.

Otto Thoresen, Governor of the PPI, chaired the seminar.

Mel Duffield, Deputy Director, PPI Director, introduced the report. To view the presentation click here.

Janette Weir, Director, Ignition House presented the qualitative research findings. To view the presentation click here.

Alistair Byrne, Senior DC Investment Strategist, State Street Global Advisors provided some comments on the findings from State Street’s perspective. 

Geoff McKenzie, Head of Pensions, Vodafone Group Services Ltd provided a view of the findings from an occupational pension scheme manager’s perspective. 

Paul Todd, Assistant Director of investment, NEST provided a view of the findings from a Master Trust’s perspective. 

Please click here to read the write-up of the seminar.