Automatic Enrolment Series: The benefits of automatic enrolment and workplace pensions for older workers

This series as a whole is sponsored by the Association of British Insurers, The Defined Contribution Investment Forum, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Legal and General, and The People’s Pension.

This particular report analysed the characteristics of people aged over 50 that may affect their suitability to remain automatically enrolled in a pension scheme by calculating the return on pension contributions under automatic enrolment, taking into account the likely effects of means tested benefits.

The seminar was chaired by Robert Laslett, visiting lecturer at UCL and Governor of the Pensions Policy Institute, and was attended by people representing a broad range of interests within Government, the pensions industry and the third sector.

Mel Duffield (PPI Deputy Director) and Melissa Echalier (PPI Senior Policy Researcher) presented the main findings of the report. Please click here to view the report and here to view the PPI presentation.

Tim Fassam, Head of Public Affairs at Prudential and the major sponsors of this report, discussed the significance of the findings from an insurance industry perspective. 

Bridget Micklem, Head of Private Pensions Policy and Analysis at the Department for Work and Pensions, discussed the Government’s view of the findings.

Darren Philp, Head of Policy at The People’s Pension, discussed the significance of the findings from an automatic enrolment provider’s perspective. 

Jackie Oatway, Head of Policy at the Money Advice Service, discussed the significance of the findings from the consumer’s perspective of considering whether to stay in a workplace pension. 

Click here to download the write-up of the seminar.