Tax relief for pension saving in the UK

The report analyses the extent to which tax relief incentivises pension saving and considers some alternatives to the current system, including adjustments to the current framework, changes to the tax free lump sum and the use of a single rate of tax relief

The seminar was Chaired by Nick Salter, President-Elect of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, and was attended by over 80 people representing a broad range of interests within Government, the pensions industry and the third sector.

Chris Curry, PPI Director, presented the main findings of the report. Please click here to view the report and here for the PPI presentation.

Charlotte Clark (Deputy Director of Workforce, Pension Savings at HM Treasury), Jane Vass (Head of Public Policy, Age UK) and Steve Groves (Chief Executive Officer, Partnership) responded to the findings of the report.

Click here to download the write-up of the seminar.