The changing landscape of pension schemes in the private sector in the UK

The research brings together the latest data on the state of private pensions in the UK. The report examines the main factors that have played a role in shaping recent trends in private sector pension provision and highlights how employers sponsoring Defined Benefit (DB) schemes are responding to the challenges of providing workplace pensions. Finally, the report also looks at the future of pension provision and it analyses how forthcoming and potential policy changes could affect pension schemes in the private sector. The full report is available for download here.

Around 100 people attended the seminar, which was chaired by Nick Timmins, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government and the King’s Fund.

The speakers’ presentations were filmed and they are available here.

Chris Curry, PPI Research Director presented the main findings from the research. Click here to view the presentation slides.

Steve Webb MP discussed his latest thinking about ‘Defined Ambition’ pensions and the introduction of more risk-sharing.

Adri van der Wurff, Chief Client Officer at APG Group discussed how risk-sharing in pension provision works in the Netherlands. Click here to view the presentation slides.

Alan Pickering CBE, Chairman of BESTrustees, offered a scheme member perspective on risk-sharing and conditional indexation.

Wayne Daniel, CEO at MetLife Assurance Limited, welcomed the report and gave a perspective on the current trends in risk transfer in the UK.

Click here to download the write-up of the seminar.