Retirement income and assets: the implications for retirement income of Government policies to extend working lives

The research draws together the latest information on current patterns of work and retirement in the UK.  It describes the Government’s policy agenda to extend working lives and looks at the lessons the UK can learn from international experience.  Using the PPI’s modelling capability, the research also considers how much longer individuals may need to work beyond State Pension Age if they wish to meet target levels of retirement income solely through state and private pension income.

Around 60 people attended the event which was chaired by Niki Cleal, Director of the PPI.

Adrian Richards, Deputy Director at the Department for Work and Pensions set out the Government’s position on extending working lives.  Please click here to view his presentation.

Daniela Silcock, Senior Policy Researcher at the PPI and Daniel Redwood, Policy Modeller at the PPI set out the main findings of the report.  Please click here to view the report and here for the presentation.

Steve Groves, Chief Executive of Partnership, discussed the role between health and the need for retirement income.

Darren Dicks, Head of At Retirement Propositions at Aviva UK Life, discussed the role of financial services in extending working lives.

Sarah Vickerstaff, Professor of Work and Employment at the University of Kent discussed the role that employers can play in extending working lives.

Click here to download a write-up of the seminar.