DWP Seminar on Incentives to Save in Personal Accounts

The event was opened by James Purnell MP, Minister for Pensions Reform and chaired by Lord Turner, ex-Chair of the Pensions Commission.

Presentations were given by Robert Laslett, Chief Economist, Department for Work and Pensions (click here for a copy of the DWP’s presentation) and from Niki Cleal and Chris Curry from the Pensions Policy Institute (click here for a copy of the PPI presentation.)

The event was attended by MPs, Government officials, representatives of the financial services industry, employer, union, consumer, and charitable organisations and academics. 

The DWP published a briefing note on Incentives to save (click here) and the PPI published a report on Incentives to save and means-tested benefits (for the main report and the technical appendix please click here.) The report includes details on the modelling assumptions that underpin the PPI’s projections of Pension Credit and comparisons with the Government’s projections.

Please click here to read a write-up of the seminar.